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Pergola Awning Systems


  • 5 year warranty SI-O brand (Belgium) imported black out canvas fade, water and light proof
  • 5-year warranty, remote kamandalu Somfy (France) or Becker (Germany) origin motors.
  • controlled LED lighting system with remote control.
  • Mechanism KORTEKS GROUP brands and are guaranteed for 2 years.
  • Electrostatic powder coating to RAL (Catalog) colors.
  • Stainless steel bolts and pins.
  • 4 Wheel trolley.
  • Steel wire and aluminum-backed timing belt gear.
  • Rain and wind the wick system prevent leakage from the sides.
  • Self-rail 80mm x 130mm x 2.5mm aluminum chassis beams.
  • Self 140mm x 160mm x 2.5mm rain corrugated aluminum front beam.
  • 100mm x 120m x 2.5mm aluminum front uprights.
  • Our awnings are for installation in Ankara and throughout Turkey.
  • Suspended Tension


  • Membrane structures are applied as an original form of tensile designs of fields in the desired dimensions.
  • Membrane structures, in different places and stylish system that is applied in the form of tensile various forms to contemporary image.
  • It can be applied to large areas permanently or temporarily.
  • Suspended Tension our Assembly has to Ankara and throughout Turkey.
  • Warehouse Tents


  • Need temporarily to construction sites, as well as a permanent tent will be in addition to existing facilities.
  • Polyester PVC tarpaulin is manufactured from waterproof, it has superior properties such as insulation.
  • High resistance to external conditions.
  • Since there is no such column space dividers feature prevents loss of storage space and allows ease of movement.
  • Is dimensioned according to need is economic.
  • Warehouse Tents our Assembly has to Ankara and throughout Turkey.
  • Worksite Tents


  • As soon as it becomes available.
  • The lightweight transport, facilitates the installation and storage.
  • Soil, grass, gravel, no matter what kind of ground, every kind of surface, is easily installed by anyone.
  • It does not require special concrete foundation or other support.
  • Aluminum foil heat inside the air bubble escaping is prevented from entering from the outside.
  • It provides a thorough and wide range of uses in tents.
  • Construction and the housing license is not required for official correspondence.
  • one in four is cheaper than building the same size.
  • 60km / h wind, 50kg / m2 snow layer is resistant to the most severe earthquakes.
  • Because the coating of decay and folding PVC tarpaulins, detachable and can remain in the tank as long as desired when no longer needed.
  • Iron parts are made of electro-galvanized profile.
  • Outer cover; sunlight, fire, acid and moisture, heat and cold, tear-resistant PVC coated polyester fabric Brenda.
  • Worksite Tents our Assembly has to Ankara and throughout Turkey.
  • Sports Fields


  • Polypropylene (PP) turf carpet football, tennis and offers a very durable floor to other floors.
  • This is the original and a reliable system.
  • This system has a high performance in all weather conditions.
  • Polypropylene (PP) system is filled with sand which is integrated with PP rope.
  • PP fiber is a system consisting of a filler material and strong base cloth consists only sand.
  • Polypropylene system we use has a high water permeability and maintains performance even in very wet areas.
  • Polypropylene system from rain and cold to hot and dry conditions so pose no problems with adaptation to all kinds of weather conditions.
  • Synthetic grass is the feature that feeling of natural grass and natural grass.
  • with special thanks to the surface lubricity and wear-resistant material specific to the copolymer material provides superior performance during the jump and the athletes maneuver.
  • Athletes may arise from the surface in terms of health, the most important and necessary burning, scratching, it is athlete-friendly with injury prevention feature that may occur due to the lack of freedom of movement.
  • Synthetic Turf Coating All our Assembly has to Ankara and Turkey.
  • Fan Tube


  • It provides ease of use in places with folding feature.
  • Extremely practical, there are easy setup.
  • In areas with an additional wheel mounting structure is not required and the application.
  • If necessary, You can use it indoors as well as outdoors.
  • In areas, the athletes exit tunnel, loading ramps, paint ovens, and is preferred in many fields such as automobile garage.
  • Accordion Tents our Assembly has to Ankara and throughout Turkey.